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H•Naves is a “boutique”
law firm

Specializing in banking, finance, and capital market matters, with a select team of lawyers committed to providing top-notch, efficient and personalized legal services.


Foto de Helen Naves

Helen Naves is a banking, finance, and capital market lawyer with dual qualification in Law by the States of São Paulo (Brazil) and New York (USA).

Helen Naves’ practice includes special legal advice in banking regulations, finance transactions, and finance agreements. In addition, Helen holds various leadership positions. She is the Senior Vice-Chair of the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) International Section and Co-President of the Brazil Chapter of the Fordham Law alumni.

Helen also utilizes her professional skills and relationships to promote and enhance career opportunities for female lawyers by providing mentoring, networking, professional development, and education for female lawyers.

Foto de Helen Naves


Anti-Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism

  • Legal and regulatory frameworks;
  • Drafting, review, and updates of policies and manuals;
  • Training and updates of the applicable regulations;
  • Preventive analysis and legal defense in administrative proceedings.

Compliance, Risks and Corporate Investigations

  • Implementation, review and monitoring of compliance programs;
  • Corporate risk management: mapping, evaluation and preparation of a risk matrix, action plans, performance and improvement of internal controls;
  • Compliance certificates: Pró-Ética, Selo Mais Integridade, ISO 37001 / 37301.
  • Third Party’s Risk Management: due diligence procedures, review and inclusion of mitigating clauses, specific precautions and guarantees, assistance with audits performed by third parties;
  • Training and Communication: onboarding and periodic trainings of internal policies, legislation and industry best practices; communication actions and promotion of a integrity culture;
  • Whistleblowing channels and ethics line: Development and implementation of appropriate channels for reporting complaints and violations; assistance with the management of the channels and the flow to handle with the reports received;
  • Corporate Investigations: Development of an action plan and performance of appropriate corporate investigation based on the best investigative techniques. Experienced and efficient investigators;
  • Assistance on crisis management interactions with stakeholders, board of directors, external committees, auditors and public authorities.
  • Analysis and classification of risks related to environmental, social and Governance elements (ESG).


  • Regulatory analysis;
  • Drafting and negotiation of contracts.

Capital Market

  • Issuances, public offers, and private placements of:
    • Debentures;
    • Commercial promissory notes;
    • CRI – Certificate of Real Estate Receivables;
    • CRA – Certificates of Agribusiness Receivables;
    • Bank negotiable debt-instruments;
    • Bonds, and other securities distributed in Brazil and in the international market.

Private Banking e Wealth Management

  • Regulatory analysis;
  • Consulting on offshore investment;
  • Negotiation of contracts.

Finance Transactions

  • Local and offshore finance for general corporate purposes and for infrastructure, innovation, and technology projects;
  • Direct and indirect finance from the Brazilian National Development, Economic and Social Bank (BNDES);
  • Import and Export finance;
  • Syndicated loans and loans with multilateral agencies;
  • Agribusiness and real estate finance, including sustainable and “green” financing;
  • Collateral, such as guarantees and pledge instruments;
  • Risk management of finance contracts, compilation and analysis of covenants, negative covenants, and events of default, as well as monitoring the compliance or occurrence of such obligations, restrictions, and events.

NPL (non-performing loans) and finance transactions with insolvent assets

  • Legal structuring for acquisition and assignment of credits and insolvent assets;
  • Drafting, review, and negotiation of contracts;
  • Analysis of legal risks.

Investment Funds, Private Equity, and Venture Capital

  • Establishment and registration of investment funds in Brazil and participation in the formation of investment funds in other jurisdictions;
  • Drafting, review, and negotiation of financing contracts, investment agreements and other related documents;
  • Assistance for investors in funding transactions and investments in Brazil and in the international market.

Banking Regulation

  • Payment Institutions;
  • Payment Arrangements;
  • Finance Transaction with Credit and Debit Card Receivables;
  • Fintechs;
  • Open Banking;
  • Regulatory Sandbox;
  • Foreign Exchange Transactions;
  • Exports and Imports;
  • Foreign Investment in Brazil;
  • Electronic Declaratory Registry – Financial Transactions Registry (RDE-ROF);
  • Foreign Capital Annual Census;
  • CBE – Brazilian Capital outside Brazil;
  • Bank accounts held by Brazilians in the international market as well as bank accounts in Brazil held by foreigners;
  • Loans, Finance, Leasing, and Microcredit;
  • Rural Finance;
  • Real Estate Finance;
  • Credit Cooperatives;
  • Consortiums.