Decree regulates pay quality between men and women

Decree No. 11.795, published on November 23, 2023, was issued to regulate Law No. 14.611, regarding pay quality and remuneration criteria between women and men. The decree came into force immediately and represents an important step forward in promoting gender equality in the labor market.

The Decree makes it compulsory for companies with one hundred or more employees to draw up a Wage Transparency and Remuneration Criteria Report and an Action Plan for Mitigating Unequal Wages and Remuneration Criteria between Women and Men.

The Wage Transparency and Remuneration Criteria Report must be published in March and September, objectively presenting wages, salaries and the proportion of positions held by men and women. It must also be published on company websites, social networks or similar media, ensuring wide dissemination.

The Action Plan for Mitigating Wage Inequality establishes that companies identified with inequality must draw up and implement a plan with measures, targets and deadlines to combat it, including training programs, promoting diversity and inclusion, and training women for equality in the job market. The plan must be drawn up with the participation of representatives of trade unions and employees.

Public administration will also play an important role. The Ministry of Labor and Employment will provide a computerized tool for notifying companies of inequality, monitoring the submission of reports and analyzing the information submitted, and the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the Ministry of Labor and Employment will jointly decide on additional measures and monitor the data and impact of the public policy.